Planning is becoming more and more complex.  We can prepare a planning report for a site you own or a site you are looking to purchase to provide accurate planning advice regarding the development potential of the site.

If you are looking to make improvements to your property or looking to purchase a property with development potential, it is important to know what the planning regulations are prior to proceeding.  We can provide an overview of the planning regulations on your site and include some advice regarding what could be approved on your site.

Where we see an opportunity to achieve development outside the minimum requirements of the planning scheme we recommend a pre-lodgement meeting with Council.  We can arrange and attend the meeting to ensure the right advice is obtained and gain a clearer understanding of what would likely be accepted by Council.

Our town planning advice is timely and is great for:

  1. Feasibility studies
  2. Due diligence
  3. Highest and best use
  4. Level of assessment determination
  5. Property purchases
  6. Pre-lodgement meetings