In the recent past it has been quite challenging with over-cautious authorities requesting more and more from Applicants. We have found that many conditions and further reporting is costing people big dollars through the process. However, we are always questioning why things are needed and fighting for the best outcomes to help our clients maximise their developments. Some comments from our clients at the end of last year makes the fight worth it:

Well done!!! I did check out a few planners  – but I had a good feeling after speaking to you guys!!!  Seemed to be the ‘get it done’ team!

Thank you for all your help and being so prompt. You are truly the best planning team over there. Your kindness and compassion are extras that are so rare in this day and age. Glenn and I feel incredibly grateful for your support. What you and Daniel did to turn things around is extraordinary. After the year we’ve had this is something that makes me feel we were looked after and cared about.  I will never forget that.

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe you did it. They were so determined…you are incredible! Simply incredible.”